Stratus: Played by Scott


Was a Student at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York state. Studying meteorological sciences at the Atmospheric Science Faculty.

Working on a project with Dr Stephen Carlucci, Karl was accidentally trapped in the “Low-Atmos Crystallization Unit” whilst a 72 hour test was being undertaken.
Due to extreme hypothermia, Karl fell in to a coma. When he was discovered in the unit, after the experiment was complete, he was found to have lost his fingers and toes through sever frostbite.The damage was so extreme that Karl had to have both hands and feet amputated.

During his recuperation whilst still in hospital, Karl was plagued with the pain of his ‘phantom fingers’. During one severe bout of pain, whilst wishing for the pain to abate, he saw the the bandaged stumps of his wrists and ankle’s belching forth a sky blue gas. The gas writhed and then formed in to what looked like fingers.
As soon as the gaseous digits had manifested all, the pain in Karl’s hand vanished. However, the new fingers did not remain for long before they lost form and disappeared.
Over the months, Karl learned to invoke his new extremities for longer periods, he realized that he could manipulate the amount of vapor present allowing them to be anything from a wisp of air to solid ice. The new hands and feet would only manifest if Karl was conscious, if he slept when they were active he would awake to find them gone.

Eventually Karl found he could propel parts of extremities away from his body, or allow the gasses to flow out and surround him. He could use these emanations as projectiles, barriers or a means of propulsion.


Before his accident and transformation, Karl had a passion for high adrenaline thrill seeking.
Thanks to his wealthy parents, Karl had access to pass times which sated his lust for adrenaline pumping activities. Karl was a member of a Motocross bike racing team, loving the thrill of high speed and big air. Karl also had a love for sky diving – his yearn for being in the skies went hand in hand with his academic interest in the great blue yonder, being able to take flights in to the skies and throw himself out in to the void again slaked his thirst for an adrenaline high.

His study of the what made the skies tick and how it could affect his plummets to the earth  was mainly conducted via simulations on the universities immense weather profiling system.


“Your boss is a ‘class A’ asshole”

Stratus – Character Sheet