Shockwave : Played by Paul


A happy youngster who enjoyed a comfortable existence, with his loving parents. At the age of 12 he returned home to find his parents business had been ransacked and that they had been murdered. They were the brutal lesson used to remind the other small business owners of what happens if you don’t pay your dues.

Harboring a bitter hatred of those responsible, the Kukusa Gokiburi, he sought out and joined one of the Dojo’s they used as a front to recruit new members. His goal, being to destroy the organisation from within.

He was a quick student and his master soon realized that Shockwave could harness his Chi to leap large distances and land with such force that he could unbalance or stun his opponents. This rocketed him from trainee to apprentice in record time.

Shortly after receiving the gangs mark he realized that to achieve his goals within the organisation, he would have to become the sort of monster he was hunting.

As no one leaves this organisation alive,  he fled not only the gang, but also Japan, hoping to hide himself in plain site, with ECHO.

The Echo recruiters would have turned him away, but his honesty about his motivations for joining the Japanese underworld was in his favor.


The trauma of discovering his parent’s bodies still weighs heavy, leaving him a man of few words.

He seems to have little time for frivolities and continues to dedicate himself to honing his skills  and trying to hone his control of Chi.


“This nose comes equipped with a straw”