Bullet : Played by Matt


Douglas grew up in the Bankhead neighbourhood of Atlanta, the son of an African American father, Darius, and an Irish American mother, Alice. Darius, a construction worker, was killed in an industrial accident when Douglas was 7 years old. Douglas subsequently became withdrawn from his mother and lost interest in school, frequently playing truant.

By his early teens he had become involved in petty crime and was soon recruited by a local criminal organisation, whereupon he became involved in the selling of street drugs.

As his physique developed, he was put to work as muscle, guarding the corners against rival gangs. He showed promise, being involved in several brief shootouts. In one notable example he shot and wounded a high ranking enforcer for a gang based in Washington Park. He displayed an aptitude for guns, being naturally quick and coordinated.

However, as the rise of crack cocaine began to take an ever greater toll on the neighborhood, he became increasingly disillusioned with life in the street and began to look for another way to make a living. Ultimately, as he was making plans to retire from crime and to attempt a reconciliation with his estranged mother, Alice, he was caught in a Washington Park ambush. Three gunmen caught him alone in the open and seemed certain to kill him, but for a sudden manifestation of metahuman powers, whereby Douglas was suddenly not where he had been, but instantly transported to a nearby sidestreet. The gunmen had, however, already opened fire when, instantaneously, he had appeared elsewhere. But their gunfire had taken the lives of a passing mother and daughter, Veronique and Bethany Dupont, even as they attempted to flee. Unnerved, the gunmen fled, while Douglas rushed back to the scene, hearing the screams of the fallen.

Finding him at the scene of the shooting, apparently in shock, the Atlanta PD took Douglas into custody. Though they knew of his criminal connections, they had no evidence with which to charge him. Douglas, however, was sickened by events and agreed to tell them what he knew of his would be assailants. When eyewitnesses to the shooting testified to Douglas’ display of unnatural powers, the police realised that the man they were holding was a Meta. …

His mother, Alice, works as a nurse at Atlanta’s Kindred Hospital on Juniper Street. She continues to live in the family home in Tazor Street NW, Bankhead.


Douglas has a powerful determination to atone for his involvement in Atlanta’s criminal underbelly. He is able to draw on his experience of criminal organisations and the street and places emphasis on planning, using both observation of and local knowledge to prepare for work in the field. He is not particularly erudite, but can grasp the essence of situations fairly quickly. Allied to his remarkable reactions, this makes him adept at reacting to changes in events even where he has a detailed plan in place.

His time as a gang member taught him the value of teamwork and reliance on colleagues. However, he has a stubborn streak which frequently leads him to react badly to direct orders, particularly where he perceives a lack of respect on the part of the giver, or else doubts their competence.

Douglas remains traumatized by the deaths of Veronique and Bethany. He has frequent nightmares wherein he relives the attack and, when he encounters children in dangerous situations, is forced to relive the trauma, and is rendered unable to act proactively. He tries to hide this fact.

His encounters with rival gang members ­ especially those from Washington Park ­ have led to his having a number of enemies within the Atlanta underworld. Following the ambush attempt and subsequent arrest of the perpetrators, he is also suspected of being an informant. Some members of the underworld have sworn to end his life.

Douglas has begun, tentatively, to rebuild his relationship with his mother, claiming that he has left the street behind. She knows nothing of his life as a meta and he tells her simply that he now works as a security guard. He is wary of the threat posed to her by former rivals and hopes to rent her an apartment in a different neighborhood, once he has regained her trust.


Douglas is driven by guilt over his gang dealings and, particularly, the deaths of two innocents during the failed attempt on his life. He hopes to atone through working for ECHO; repairing his relationship with his mother and beginning an outreach project in Bankhead (via a childhood associate). His priorities in the field involve protecting innocents from harm where possible.

Raised a catholic, Douglas hasn’t been to church in years. He has no faith, as such. Having witnessed a great degree of inequality and unfairness, he has come to believe that all people should have equal life chances.

Despite being employed by the forces of Law and Order, he isn’t above the redistribution of wealth a la Robin Hood.


“I’m not proud of what I’ve done: I hope that one day I can take some pride in what I will do.”