Montoro web
Real Name : Unknown
Age: Unknown
Background: Montoro has been the driving force trying to pull the dispersed Surano 13 gangs together. After the team  continual thwarted his plans, he used Bullet’s mother as a hostage to negotiate a truce. He has now slunk back into the shadows.
Powers:  He has shown the ability to be able to control others minds. Forcing Bullet’s mother to hold a knife to her own throat and causing Bastion to forget seeing him fleeing the scene.
Schwarzer Ritter
Real Name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Background: Schwarzer Ritter Joined the ranks of Nazi Meta Humans during the Second World War. And like many of those “Heroes”, he  disappeared as the war ended.
Why a man claiming to be a French Knight, mortally wounded by Sir Lancelot, would join the Nazi’s remains a mystery.
This is a re-interpretation of the Champions villain Black Paladin.
Real Name: Pamela Duquesne
Background: A villain who appears as mad as she is sadistic. Only someone with a flimsy grasp on reality could try to pass their Meta abilities off, as the ability to wield Magic.
She was recently captured in France whilst performing a heinous ritual that she believe would allow her to summon a Demon. However she disappeared whilst being transported to a secure facility. One of her guards claimed to have briefly seen an armored figure, before she vanished.
From the Hero systems book Evil Unleashed.
Real Name: Effie
Background: Nazi Meta Human. Second in Command in Eisenfaust’ s Uber-Luftwaffe Squad.
Image used with kind permission of  Temukense.