Montoro web
Real Name : Unknown
Age: Unknown
Background: Montoro has been the driving force trying to pull the dispersed Surano 13 gangs together. After the team  continual thwarted his plans, he used Bullet’s mother as a hostage to negotiate a truce. He has now slunk back into the shadows.
Powers:  He has shown the ability to be able to control others minds. Forcing Bullet’s mother to hold a knife to her own throat and causing Bastion to forget seeing him fleeing the scene.
Schwarzer Ritter
Real Name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Background: Schwarzer Ritter Joined the ranks of Nazi Meta Humans during the Second World War. And like many of those “Heroes”, he  disappeared as the war ended.
Why a man claiming to be a French Knight, mortally wounded by Sir Lancelot, would join the Nazi’s remains a mystery.
This is a re-interpretation of the Champions villain Black Paladin.
Real Name: Pamela Duquesne
Background: A villain who appears as mad as she is sadistic. Only someone with a flimsy grasp on reality could try to pass their Meta abilities off, as the ability to wield Magic.
She was recently captured in France whilst performing a heinous ritual that she believe would allow her to summon a Demon. However she disappeared whilst being transported to a secure facility. One of her guards claimed to have briefly seen an armored figure, before she vanished.
From the Hero systems book Evil Unleashed.
Real Name: Effie
Background: Nazi Meta Human. Second in Command in Eisenfaust’ s Uber-Luftwaffe Squad.
Image used with kind permission of  Temukense.
 Nazi Death Sphere
These Craft are approximately 30 feet in diameter and seem to use some sort of anti Gravity to travel at tremendous speeds.
They are armed with segmented metal tentacles that can level a domestic building and a large energy cannon. In the initial attack some also carried an additional Thermite Cannon, that were used to destroy large sections of interstate.
Art by : @6_4_k_4


Real Name: Chantal DeMorfant

Background: Chantal rose from obscurity when she became the lover and mystic adviser to Schwartz Ritter. It was Chantal that placed Schwartz Ritter in the long healing sleep that allowed him to survive the mortal wounds he recived when batteling Lancelot.However realisation that she would be long dead before his return, lead her to take her own life.But there is a special place reserved in Hell for individuals as Black hearted as Chantal, and over the centuries she studied at feet of the Diabolic.Once Schwartz Ritter awakening and learned the truth, his primary focus was to bring his Amore back. His diligence to the task was finally rewarded, though Team Rolling Thunder ensured he didn’t live to see his work bear fruit. Chantal, seeing her beloved Brutally executed, has sworn Vengece on Bullet, Shockwave and Stratus

Art by: @6_4_k_4 (Twitter)