Bastion for site


 Real Name: Alice Farr
Age: 19
Background : Currently the team know little of Bastion’s Background. She initially comes across as overly self confident, but when the pressure is on, her insecurities become quickly apparent.
Powers: Bastion is able to manifest force barriers of Blue energy. As of yet the durability of these barriers hasn’t been tested in the field.


Real Name: Mr Gardner
Age: 30’s
Background: Buwark has officer training and it shows. However his constant clashes with authority within the Echo organisation has left him in a primarily training role. He is currently the trainer and leader of the team commonly referred to as Bulwarks Misfits.
Powers: Bulwark has enhanced strength and durability. His primary power is the abilty to generate a force field that he can extend out into a bubble to cover others. The force field in incredibly resistant to physical damage and provides hospitable environment with. However it provides little protection from no physical attacks.


Real Name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Background: Choug is a simple, gentle soul. Many of the members of the CCCP treat him more like a pet, than a fellow team member.
Powers: Incredibly strong and resilient. Choug has taken a direct hit from a Tank Shell, with no obvious effect. He then picked up the Tank, and threw it several dozen meters.

Fei Li

Real Name: Fei Li
Age: 32
Background: Member of the CCCP.
Powers: She is an exceptional Martial Artist and has lightning fast reflexes. She also wields the sword known as Jade Emperors Whisper, which is said to imprison the General Shen Xue

John Murdock

Real Name: John Murdock
Age: 30’s
Background: Johnny keeps his past to himself. He obviously has military training.
Powers: Caught cold, Johnny is faster, stronger and far more resilient than a normal human . When he’s ready for combat these traits seem to be enhanced further. Though not a power, it is obvious he has received intense hand to hand and fire arms training. Johnny is also able to create bolts of intense flame.

Red Djinni

Real Name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Background:  Red Djinni is suspected of a lot of crimes, but no link has ever been proven. There is little information available on his background
Powers: Stronger than he appears and more agile than most. Red Djinni also has the ability to alter his body in minor ways.

Red Saviour

Real Name: Natalya Nivolaevna Shostovich
Age: 35
Background: Natalya, the daughter of Red Saviour, the famous hero of the Great Patriotic War who co-founded the Super-Sobratiye Sovetskikh Revolutzionerov (CCCP to the Americans), has assumed both her father’s sobriquet and his mantle of leadership. Yet her fiery temper, Communist politics and draconian tendencies have made her controversial in modern Russia.
Powers: Limited Super Strength, Energy Manipulation allowing flight and energy blasts.


Real Name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Background: This fiery being appeared all over the Globe during the Thule Invasion. No one is sure if it is one Meta Human, or a team with similar powers. Many believe it to be an Angel, or it’s like depending on religious viewpoint.
Powers: Flight, Teleportation, Invulnerability, Incredible strength and agility. Both it’s sword and Spear have been seen to cut through Thule trooper’s and Spheres Armour, with ease.


Real Name: Georgi
Age: Not known exactly. He was an Adult during WW II
Background: The Nazi’s attempts to make a Super Soldier were failing due to the subjects not surviving the procedures. They finally resorted to experimenting on this Russian due to his amazing healing abilities. Luckily for the Allies the Nazi research was all destroyed when Georgi  was rescued
Powers: Invulnerable hands, Healing Factor, Very slow aging.

Vicky Vee

Real Name: Victoria Victrix Nagy
Age: 28
Background: Reclusive Romance author. Vicky has many strong social anxieties, and find leaving her apartment more than a little challenging.
Powers: Her primary powers are Technomancy and Geomancy. Thought her extensive magical training means there is little she isn’t capable of with enough preparation. She is also a skilled hand to hand and fire arms expert, but hand to hand combat is something she is no longer capable of.


Real Name: Jane Bryant
Age: 42
Background: Jane suffers from Ushers Syndrome, resulting in tunnel vision and poor hearing, that is enhanced by a Cochlear implant. Her Meta physiology helps to slow the disease, but it is slowly advancing . Now retired from active duty, she performs more of an advisory role. She is  flamboyant, Outgoing, compassionate and understanding. It is also becoming apparent that she may also be a bit of a Cougar
Powers: Empath