In Jokes

The Mask

Any reference to ‘The Mask’ harks back to when Paul was trying to show the type of mask which Shockwave was sporting.
Unfortunately, the web page on which he was showing the Lucha Libre style wrestling mask, had another mask at the bottom:-


Which we all decided was the mask that Shockwave was actually wearing.



An English biscuit, which Shockwave has a soft spot for.



Gammy Leg

Characters often get told they can’t do something because of their “Gammy Leg” which will impede them.
This is a non existent complaint and the target usually does not have said “Gammy Leg”


A Giant Bee

A reference made when a character fails some type of perception check, resulting in the character only seeing a giant bee instead.


The price of Antimatter

A reference to a ridiculous cost. NASA gave a figure of $62.5 trillion per gram of antihydrogen.



A delicious alcoholic drink, which usually makes an appearance at Christmas. Shockwave is particularly fond of a snowball (even though he claims not to drink). It is made from Advocaat, lemonade and lime.