Chimpions Episode 20 - Shades of Black part 1

Chimpions Episode 20 – Shade of Black part 1

The team are bought up to speed on current event’s,  learn a little info from an old adversary and start on a new path.

Little do they know the dark places this will eventually lead them.


This is a modified version of the Hero System scenario Shades of Black.

    GM – Mark
    Bullet – Matt
    Shockwave – Paul
    Stratus – Scott

    Intro music by Matt
    Outro Music "SlipKnot’s Snuff" Performed by Sophie Loftus

    Background music and audio effects
    "Clash Defiant", "Crypto" and "Secrets of the Schoolyard" by Kevin MacLeod
    "Lively Cafe", "City and the City", "City under Siege" and "1920's Speak Easy" from Tabletop Audio, who offer a free soundboard to enhance your tabletop experience
    Sound effects from
    Christmas Carols from

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